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Advanced Oxidation Frac Water Recycling System

The Frac-Cleanse™ frac water recycling system is a unique, patented system that enables owners to economically and safely recycle flowback and produced water for less than $0.60/bbl. The treatment system is an advanced oxidation process (AO) which removes TPH, bacteria, emulsified and dissolved organics including oil and gelling agents plus H2S, suspended solids, VOCs, plus metals including iron, barium, manganese, and transition metals – in one compact unit. Units to 10,000 BPD are available.

The key features of the Bisco Frac-Cleanse frac water recycling system:
  • Technology proven to perform with high performance on frac water applications
  • The system is capable of removing TPH, VOC, emulsions, gelling agents, H2S, metals, suspended solids, and bacteria in one unit
  • Automatic operation with remote monitoring and control
  • Last, but not least, the capital and operating costs for the process are generally lower than alternatives, thus enabling economic recycling of the frac water
This technology has been successfully operated on flowback and produced water, first in a pilot unit in the Marcellus followed by extended operation of a larger unit in New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma that demonstrated consistent high performance. In all operations, the outlet stream was clear salt water with no odor. The system design draws on the knowledge base from the 750 AO systems provided around the world.

Frac-Cleanse Frac Water Recycling System offers safe processing flexibility and the ability to remove multiple contaminants from frac water at an economical cost.


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Online Parts Store

BISCO Environmental is pleased to announce a new online parts store. Here you will be able to purchase spare filters, gaskets and etc. for your BISCO system.

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Download Page.

To view all of BISCO Environmental's documentation we have created a download page for easy access. From our single page Ad's to the System Operation and Maintenance Manual all are available for online download.

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General Operation and Maintenance Guidelines.

BISCO Environmental's System Operation and Maintenance Manual is available for online download. This operations and maintenance manual was written as a generic guide for maintenance on a range of equipment used in remediation applications.

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Rentals Available

ShallowTray air strippers are now available for short or long term rentals with buyout options. Call for details.